Healthy Everyday Pets

Pete Evans has worked with one of Australia’s leading pet nutritionists to revolutionise the pet food industry and to create a brand synonymous with quality pet food, Healthy Everyday Pets with Pete Evans. Being Australian made and having Australian sourced ingredients ensures that the range of complete, balanced meals and treats sets new standards and provides healthier, premium quality dog and cat food to the Australian pet market.

As a chef, Pete Evans is renowned for his focus on healthy cooking, so as a passionate pet owner the idea of creating a range of grain free, healthy pet foods with all natural, nutritionally rich, ultra-low sugar ingredients was a natural progression.

Protein is the key component of the recipes and at 36%, is significantly higher than in most other brands and 90% of that protein is from meat. Nearly all other grain free pet foods utilise legumes (peas and beans) as a cheaper source of protein than meat. Fat content in the Athlete formula is 24%, and is all animal fats. Carnivorous animals utilise animal fat more efficiently than humans and pet foods high in carbohydrate are mainly responsible for overweight and unhealthy animals. Carbohydrate content is around 12% – 20%, whereas most other super premium brands contain 30% – 35%. In fact, the industry standard is 50%.

The food contains only well considered other ingredients including beef broth, alfalfa, arrowroot, coconut oil, egg, kelp, kale and parsley. For dogs and cats that suffer from joint issues, the benefits of glucosamine, fish oil and green lipped mussels will be appreciated.

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