Meals For Meows

Meals for Meows is an ultra premium, holistic and organic cat food manufactured in Australia by a team of in-house nutritionists and food scientist with over forty years experience in pet food nutrition and holistic diets.

Meals for Meows is committed to making and developing nutrient dense and balanced pet food. They believe that nutrition is not only a vital part of a cat’s physical health but it also plays a huge part in their overall wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

All of their food is manufactured to exacting ethical standards of quality, performance, economy and safety using only the finest Australian sourced, natural ingredients including kangaroo, lamb, salmon, sardine and turkey with ground brown rice, vegetables, polyunsaturated fats plus vitamins, herbs and minerals. It is also free from wheat, corn, artificial colouring, flavours, by-products and preservatives.

People have been moving towards a more sustainable and organic diet throughout the world as a result of environmental damage and overall health concerns. At Meals for Meows, they understand that organic, natural food is not only better for human health, it is better for pets than cheap, processed foods.

Meals for Meows is committed to creating Australian made cat food that has a positive impact on the overall health of pets. There are a number of reasons why people choose Meals for Meows:
Pets often react badly to the grains and chemicals found in cheap food and they may develop itchy, dry, or painful skin.
Cheap pet foods do not have the correct balance of minerals and nutrients resulting in fatigue and lack of energy.
Cheap pet food invariably leads to a higher volume of excrement and often, diarrhoea.
The deficiency of important nutrients in most cheap pet food often results in a dull, unhealthy skin and coat.

Meals for Meows holistic, Australian made pet food is rich in amino acids and omega 3,6 & 9. These are essential oils for a sleek and shiny coat. The most common allergic reaction that pets have to cheap food is a skin allergy. Organic food helps to prevent allergies and the oils help keep the skin healthy.
Just as humans often feel sluggish after eating fast food, the same applies to pets. They will be much healthier and feel full of energy on a nutrient-rich natural pet food.

Meal for Meows is cost effective in the long run. Although the cost of organic pet food is higher than cheap products, pets fed on a highly nutritious diet need to eat less. Also, there will be fewer expensive veterinarian bills as a result of improved health.

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