Canary Starter Kit


Wire Canary Nest

Lightweight wire mesh cup nest, ideal for canaries and other cup nesting species. Easy to wash and disinfect.

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Canary & Finch Nesting Feathers

Real soft breast feathers, ideal for nesting finches. Sourced from Australian chickens and thoroughly washed and sanitised.

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Canary & Finch Nesting Fibre

Natural Australian-sourced coconut fibres suitable for large finches and canaries.

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Joy Egg & Biscuit 250g

Premium rearing and conditioning supplement for canaries, finches and parrots. Contains calcium, vitamins, minerals, amino acid and attractants.

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The canary starter kit contains everything you need to start breeding canaries. You get a nest, the two different kinds of nesting material canaries use, and a protein supplement.


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