Coopex Residual Insecticide Sachet

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Coopex Residual Insecticide is a safe and reliable residual insecticide used to control fleas, ticks, mites, ants, spiders, beetles, and many other common aviary pests.



Coopex is a safe and reliable aviary pest control option. In can be used to control mites, ticks, worms, and other parasites during their larva stage, disrupting the reproductive cycle and preventing re-infestation.

It controls a wide range of pests for up to four months, including black ants, cockroaches, beetles, and spiders. The product is odourless and non-staining, and long lasting.

Remove food and water from the aviary while spraying prepared Coopex insecticide. Do not allow product to contaminate water courses or ponds. When used in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions, the product is not harmful to birds.


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