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DOGlite Colour Code LED Collar has a single track of 14mm coloured optical fibre strip for multiple, high LED illumination.  Colour Code collars have coloured 25mm premium woven polyester webbing with reinforced stitching and contain a replaceable battery.  Colour Code is designed for everyday use, illuminating at the push of a button to enhance pet awareness and safety.

Matching Lead and replacement batteries are available.



Many people have busy work schedules and find it difficult to find to share time with their dog during the day. Many owners are reluctant to venture out with their dog in the dark.

DOGlite collars, leads, harnesses and other accessories will enable you to share time with your dog safely, at any time of the day or night. Not only do DOGlite accessories alert drivers and passers-by of the whereabouts of your dog, imagine the fun of letting of letting him off the lead in the park!

The DOGlite range is suitable for daily use and has the ability to light up at the push of a button.  Only the highest quality materials and LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are used.

DOGlite was started by a team of Australian dog lovers who were keen to develop a range of innovative and versatile dog accessories that would encourage safety, fun and fitness from dusk till dawn. DOGlite implements the most stringent quality control processes to produce a superior quality product that is made to last and be tough enough for any adventure you might have with your dog.

SIZING:  If you are unsure, click on the Sizing Chart under Additional Information.

Colour Code has a single track of 14mm coloured optical fibre strip for maximum, high LED illumination.  The collar has 25mm premium woven polyester coloured webbing with reinforced stitching and contains a replaceable CR 2032 battery.

Colour Code has two settings:  “On” and “Slow Flash” mode.  The battery is concealed in a splash proof, silicon-sealed casing.  Batteries last approximately 60hrs when the LED is switched on.  This equates to six months usage if used for 20 minutes every night.  Replacement batteries can be ordered.

Sizing Chart

Collar Sizes

XS = neck measurement 24 – 36cm

S = neck measurement 33 – 43cm

M = neck measurement 38 – 50cm

L = neck measurement 48 – 60cm

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  1. Julie Robins (verified owner)

    I love the purple haze collar,it looks so pretty on my girl.It is nice and bright and easy to work

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