DOGlite Replacement Battery CR1220


DOGlite Replacement battery CR1220 for the DOGlite Mini Dog range.


Replacement battery CR1220 for DOGlite Mini Dog collar, harness and leash.

Keep out of reach of children.  Do not swallow, if consumed seek immediate medical attention.  Remove flat batteries from product, do not leave in product as corrosion may occur causing harm to animal.  Insert battery correctly.  Do not dispose of battery in fire, or carry loosely in pocket or handbag.  Do not mix batteries, change expired batteries at same time.

How to Change the Batteries

Remove the protective rubber sleeve covering the switch.

Slide the switch assembly sideways out of the collar, harness or leash.  Do not remove the optical fibre clear strip.

Carefully insert a small flat bladed screwdriver into the recess on the corner of the battery casing and prise apart.

Remove both parts of the casing so that the switch (green circuit board) is fully exposed.  Take care not to interfere with circuit and do not pull away.

Replace both batteries and check operation.

To maintain maximum seal, a clear multipurpose silicon should be applied around the inside edges of the battery casing.

The switch should then be installed on to the locating posts on one side of the casing.

Both sides of the casing should then be pressed firmly together.

Any excess silicon should be removed from the casing.

Reinstall the switch and fit the protective rubber sleeve.



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