KONG Cat Wobbler


Kong Cat Wobbler is shaped like the classic Kong.  It has a weighted bottom and treat dispenser hole in the side for fun, wobble action and unpredictable food reward.

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From the development of the KONG Classic durable dog toy over forty years ago, (Please click here for details) the Kong brand has evolved to include a large range of innovative toys and accessories for cats and dogs. Kong toys are durable, fun, safe and of superior quality.

The Kong Cat Wobbler provides sustained mental and physical stimulation for your cat.  With an entertaining and unpredictable wobbling action, the Cat Wobbler makes playtime fun and rewarding by dispensing small treats.  With its translucent top, the sight of moving kibble will stimulate a cat’s natural instinct to pursue sudden movement.  The Fluffy tail is filled with catnip which will not only attract cats to play, but will help manipulate the toy to obtain the treats.  If used as a feeder at mealtime, rapid eating will be slowed.  The Cat Wobbler helps fight boredom and helps prevent obesity by encouraging cats to work for their food.


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