Stance PET TEC Coconut Ezi 150g


Stance PET TEC Coconut Ezi contains powdered coconut oil which provides ‘slow burn’ cool energy for endurance whilst supporting muscle glycogen, coat and skin condition and aids appetite and digestive function.  Add to food.

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Stance PET TEC is a range of natural and ethical pet supplements developed by Stance EQUITEC, an Australian company formed over 30 years ago.  Stance PET TEC supplements support joints, skin and general health in dogs by assisting the normal mutualistic relationship between the microbiome and the gut-brain axis as they influence animal health and wellbeing.

Stance PET TEC Coconut Ezi offers ‘slow burn’ cool energy for endurance. It contains 70% natural powdered coconut oil which is a source of medium chain triglycerides (MTCs). These are comprised of lauric and capric acids. Coconut oil is a saturated oil which is absorbed directly into the blood and provides a ready source of non-glucose energy. Saturated oils may support utilisation of muscle glycogen in dogs during exercise. Coconut Ezi supports appetite and digestion, which is especially beneficial for older pets. Coconut Ezi is great for skin and coat health and aids skin healing during times of allergic reactions, bug bites and other skin conditions.  Add to food.

Key Ingredients

A proprietary blend of coconut oil, purified GMO free corn starch and hydrated silica


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