Stance PET TEC Turmericle


Stance PET TEC Turmericle – Turmeric and Coconut Oil Powder
Turmericle is a unique powdered blend of nutraceutical herbs combined with powdered coconut oil, that help with joint inflammation and skin conditions.  Add to food.

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Stance PET TEC is a range of natural and ethical pet supplements developed by Stance EQUITEC, an Australian company formed over 30 years ago.  Stance PET TEC supplements support joints, skin and general health in dogs by assisting the normal mutualistic relationship between the microbiome and the gut-brain axis as they influence animal health and wellbeing.

Stance PET TEC Turmericle – Turmeric and Coconut Oil Powder
Turmericle is a unique powdered blend of nutraceutical herbs including two varieties of turmeric, black pepper and resveratrol, which have demonstrated to help with conditions such as joint inflammation and skin conditions. This is combined with powdered coconut oil.  Add to food.


Key Ingredients

A proprietary blend of Curcuma Longa (Alleppey), Curcuma Xanthorrhiza, Powdered Coconut Oil (PowerStance), Ground black pepper, Resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed

About the Ingredients

Turmericle contains a blend of two different species of turmeric to optimise the benefits they both offer. Curcuma longa, is commonly used in cooking, foodstuffs, cosmetics and medicine. Curcuma xanthorrhiza, has been used as a traditional medicinal plant in some tropical countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. It contains the xanthorrhizal oil which may offer additional benefits.

PowerStance is a unique powdered coconut oil that contains high levels of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which provide a readily available source of Lauric acid.  Lauric acid converts to monolaurin and may provide anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.  Supplementing animals with coconut oil may include improved digestive health, enhanced coat and skin condition. Coconut oil is absorbed directly into the blood, and is metabolised faster than other oils.

Ground Black Pepper
Curcumin is treated as a foreign substance by the liver and is rapidly metabolised and excreted. Black pepper blocks curcumin excretion by the liver and increases curcumin bioavailability.

Resveratrol is added as an antioxidant that may help efficiently detoxify free radicals and may assist in decreasing inflammation.


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