KONG Classic

How has the KONG Classic remained the world’s most popular toy for four decades?

Winter Warmers

Hand-picked collection of cold-weather accessories, perfect for winter.

Snooza Chinchilla Collection

Snooza’s Chinchilla Collection offers comfort and style.

What’s Hot?

  • Snooza Ortho Dream Sofa
    Snooza Ortho Dream Sofa
    From $187.60
  • ZEES Supreme Dog Coat Oilskin – Black
    ZEES Supreme Dog Coat Oilskin – Black
    From $47.70
  • Snooza 2 in 1 Convertible Training Crate
    Snooza 2 in 1 Convertible Training Crate
    From $127.87
  • LickiMat Buddy
    LickiMat Buddy
    Product on sale
    $10.83 $8.67
  • KONG Passports Meerkat
    KONG Passports Meerkat
    Product on sale
  • LifeWise Kangaroo (Adult Dog)
    LifeWise Kangaroo (Adult Dog)
    From $34.03
    5.00 out of 5
  • Vitalitae Calming Superfood Jerky
    Vitalitae Calming Superfood Jerky
  • Petstages Dogwood Durable Stick
    Petstages Dogwood Durable Stick
    Product on sale
    From $9.13 From $5.47
    4.83 out of 5

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