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Great option for strong chewers. Last quite a while.
djlmmercer - avatar djlmmercer

My dogs absolutely love these. I have a real power chewer and this keeps him busy about a week of non-stop chewing.
partyindafridge - avatar partyindafridge

I have 3 huge dogs that pull terribly when on lead. My youngest is reactive to other dogs when walking. I bought the easy walk harness for each of my dogs and walked them as soon as they arrived. My dogs walked like they knew how to heal. It was a pleasure to walk them. What a fabulous product.
Chantel Beadnell - avatar Chantel Beadnell

Fist time I used this it made such a difference and makes walking and training so much easier. A winner!!
sue drake-brockman - avatar sue drake-brockman
Troy PlaqueOff for Dogs
Troy PlaqueOff for Dogs February 28, 2019

It is (maybe not so surprisingly) gritty. Dog doesn't seem to mind (but he is a cocker spaniel & food is his life so a bit of grit is not going to stop him!).
I think it will take more than one bottle to really see results (even with the iddity bitty spoon supplied & two scoops per meal).
Angelique - avatar Angelique
NERF Dog Tennis Ball Blaster
NERF Dog Tennis Ball Blaster February 28, 2019

Quite large and takes a regular sized tennis ball (so don't need special Nerf ones!) Pretty easy to operate although on release make quite a loud sound which the dogs have found a little off putting (so far). Range is about average ... I'd say about 10m at best (which is about throwing distance but with a lot less effort).
Yet to try it on a truly ball mad dog but if you are looking for range ... stick with the flinging sticks.
Angelique - avatar Angelique
Snooza Walking Bag
Snooza Walking Bag February 24, 2019

Really good bag. Good quality and smart, thoughtful, design.
Brilliant price and service from mypetzone. Mightily impressed.
Jeremy - avatar Jeremy
Snooza Futon Blue
Snooza Futon Blue February 22, 2019

My Dog loves her bed it’s almost like a little mattress for her easy cover to take off and wash, when it’s gets dirty
Michelle - avatar Michelle

Website is easy to use. Pricing was good. Postage was prompt ! 10/10

Wombaroo food is very, very popular with my birds!
Daniele Callioni - avatar Daniele Callioni