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A real eye-catcher. We have no walk on which we don't get stopped n asked where we got the collars from. Especially during winter I often end up walking my two black dogs after dark - it is much easier for me to see where they are when I let them off the leash in the park or on the beach. Love the collars.
The one-star-markdown came from a technical issue I had with one of the collars: I had ordered two, one worked great, the other one chewed through the batteries even when turned off.
When I raised the issue with MyPetZone, they sent me a free replacement and battery kit. Much appreciated 🙂
Stef - avatar Stef

Hi Fast delivery of order great service easy ordering online however did not realize that the car harness buckle does not fit into a Hyundai 130
Geraldine Thompson - avatar Geraldine Thompson

This harness has really made walking my golden retriever puppy so much easier.
Cathy Dagostino - avatar Cathy Dagostino
Snooza Snuggler - Chinchilla
Snooza Snuggler - Chinchilla September 5, 2019

Absolutely gigantic well made bed that my dog adores! It's very soft and fluffy and me as a 163cm human can also curl up into it.. in case you're wondering how big it is! Probably a bit oversized for my border collie but he loves it nonetheless and often pulls his toys in to bed to sleep with him. The edge is really great as well if your dog loves sleeping on a pillow (as mine does) since it acts as a built in pillow!

Haven't taken the cover off to wash it yet or anything but it seems very durable and love that you're able to!
Stephanie - avatar Stephanie

The bed is awesome really thick and comfortable they love it.
Gail Neindorf - avatar Gail Neindorf
Passwell Complete Lorikeet
Passwell Complete Lorikeet September 2, 2019

The wild lorikeets live Passwell dry lorikeet food. Mypetzobe was very efficient, price competitive and speedy delivery
Jennifer Copeland - avatar Jennifer Copeland
KONG Comfort Kiddos Bear
KONG Comfort Kiddos Bear August 30, 2019

My dog absolutely loved this toy! The moment he laid eyes on it he wanted to play with it. However, the toy is not very durable and his session of chewing and playing was short-lived as the toy was already relieved of a leg within 20 minutes. Making it hard to justify the amount of money spent on the toy.
Luke - avatar Luke
Passwell Cosy Heat Pad
Passwell Cosy Heat Pad August 20, 2019

My clingy Burmese cat is happy to sleep in the laundry at night giving me a good night’s sleep at long last! Wish I had bought this years ago
Julie - avatar Julie
Snooza Futon Blue
Snooza Futon Blue August 16, 2019

This is our second Snooza Pet Futon. The previous one, still in use but well patched up, was purchased over 10 years ago. The cover has been washed numerous times & the whole thing (after doggie “accidents”) a few times. We didn’t realise how compressed it was til getting the new one, but hey, it still gets used!
The price from My Pet Zone was very good & the delivery was prompt. What’s not to like?!
Mary Irwin - avatar Mary Irwin