At MyPetZone we believe that life is better with pets. We know the unconditional love that pets bring to our everyday lives. We’re passionate about helping you to care for your pet.

Better Products

We want to bring you the very best nutrition, health care and well-being products and accessories. In order to do this, we believe that we must be extremely selective in the brands that we offer. To help us achieve our objectives, we are pleased to be assisted by respected Melbourne veterinarian, Dr. Lauren Bugeja, BSc. BVSc.   Dr. Lauren is passionate about educating pet owners on routine health care, elderly pet management and arthritis treatment.  From appearances on network television, to writing articles in newspapers and magazines, running pet first aid courses and regularly consulting with clients, she is an active member of the veterinary community.  In addition to two clinics, Dr. Lauren has established Vet To Home, so that pets can be treated at home.

Better Service

We know that we must also focus on stock availability and delivery to enable you to access the very best products quickly. To this end, we have engaged the services of Australia’s leading courier firms and a leading pet supplies wholesaler. Orders received by 11.00am on any business day will be dispatched to you on the same day.  Free shipping to metro areas on all orders over $60.00.

Auto-Reorder is an option that will enable you to set and forget. Your pet essentials will then be delivered
automatically to your door at the best price. Reminders will be sent to you to help you to keep track of upcoming Auto-Reorders.  Auto-Reorder is available on many products.

Better Prices

We want you to be able to provide your pet with the very best products at affordable prices. We know that we can do this by keeping our margins low.

By taking advantage of our Auto-Reorder service, you will automatically receive a 5% discount off our regular price.  A product’s Auto-Reorder price is calculated by reducing the prevailing list price, or Special Offer price by the Auto-Reorder discount. If you create an Auto-Reorder on a sale item, the price will revert to the regular price, less Auto-Reorder discount when the product is no longer on sale. Your Auto-Reorder subscription may be cancelled at any time after the first recurring payment.
To save you money on delivery costs, Auto-Reorder will automatically batch your selected items.

MyPetZone will not compromise on customer service levels by offering products at unsustainable prices.

Better Experience

We have made our website easy to use so that you spend less time shopping and can enjoy more time with your pet. We want to make caring for your pet easy, from the moment you land on our website until your order arrives at your door.

Using Auto-Reorder means that you will never forget to buy your pet’s food, treats, medication, etc.

MyPetZone is 100% Australian owned and wherever possible, we preference Australian sourced products.

Environmental Responsibility

MyPetZone is committed to continuing to look for ways of limiting its environmental impact.  To assist with this objective, we try to recycle packing cartons as often as possible, rather than use new packaging.  Almost all of our deliveries are made through Shippit.  Every eCommerce delivery has a carbon footprint. To support a sustainable future, Shippit offsets all carbon emissions from deliveries.

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