Auto-Reorder Service

MyPetZone’s Auto Reorder feature can make your life easier by automatically purchasing and shipping pet supplies at set intervals of time — typically every 30, 60, or 90 days.

Will the price of my auto-reorder change?

A product’s auto-reorder price is calculated by reducing the prevailing list price, or Special Offer price by 5%. As a result of regular price fluctuations and promotions, your re-order price may differ from the price paid on your initial order.

If you create an auto-reorder on a sale item, the price will revert to the regular price when the product is no longer on sale. If the product happens to be on sale when the re-order is processed, you will always receive the lowest price.

The price charged for a re-order item will never be greater than the price given on the reminder email, which is sent 10 days before the order is due to be processed. If you’re unhappy with the price in the reminder email, you can pause or cancel the upcoming order on the My Account page, or by contacting our helpful team.

Do I receive reminders?

Yes, we send a reminder email ten days before your auto-reorder is scheduled to be processed.

Can I cancel my auto-reorder?

Yes! You may pause or cancel your auto-reorder at any time. Auto-reorder schedules can be managed from the My Account page, or by contacting our helpful team.

Why did my re-order fail?

There’s two common reasons a scheduled re-order may fail.

1. Product is out of stock
We work very hard to make sure we have sufficient stock available to fulfill our upcoming auto-reorders. Sometimes, due to supply or manufacturer issues, we are unable to source certain products for extended periods of time. In these situations, we’ll contact you to discuss alternative options.

2. Card decline
To ensure your auto-reorder can be dispatched on schedule, please ensure that your payment details are kept up to date. For example, you will need to update your card details including expiry date when you receive a new debit or credit card. If you need any help updating your payment details, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

How is my payment information stored?

The payment information you provide to us is saved by Stripe, our credit card processor. MyPetZone does not store your full card number and consequently, your debit or credit card details cannot be accessed by MyPetZone.