HoundHouse is an Australian company that manufactures unique dog kennels especially for the Australian climate.
The founder, Mark Wood realised that no kennel was designed with the dog’s well-being as the main focus. Mark designed the first kennel 2002 for his dog Tyson, who needed a kennel that was warm in winter and cool in summer. The design also needed to be aesthetically pleasing and hygienic. The design has been patent protected.

The cotton canvas material used for the kennel is not only waterproof, but its weave pattern opens in the dry and hot weather to allow ventilation and in cooler months contracts, creating a comfortable barrier to the elements. The weave pattern also prohibits the hatching of flea eggs.

The kennel can be collapsed easily into a flat package for camping and pet friendly holidays and takes just minutes to re erect.

HouseHound also makes cat slings and bird nests from the same material.

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