Feliway is one of the key brands of the global animal health and welfare company, Ceva Sante Animale.

Cats are most loving and well behaved when they feel comfortable with their environment. In this situation, a cat will carefully mark its home by rubbing its face against furniture and other significant objects and against your legs in order to release specific pheromones. When cats display this behaviour, they are contented.

However, other factors can disrupt this feeling such as access to food, heat, water, litter trays, attention, competition from other cats and visitors to the home. Also, if a cat has been taken out of its environment for a period time such as to the veterinarian, or to a cattery, then this will reduce the presence of facial marking in the home, making settling back more difficult. Cats can easily become stressed by disorientation which can lead to misbehaviour.

Feliway is an easy to use aid for reassuring cats during new experiences and stressful situations. Feliway products emit a special scent that is odourless to people and other animals. It is a synthetic replication of the facial pheromone that cats identify with feelings of happiness and security.

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Showing all 3 results