Enzyme Wizard Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner

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Enzyme Wizard Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner for all hard surfaces such toilet bowls, sinks, baths and tiles. Its penetrating action removes calcium deposits from sinks and toilets.


Enzyme Wizard is manufactured in Australia and is an Australian owned company. Enzyme Wizard produces a range of natural, plant-based enzyme cleaning products for the home, commercial and hospitality markets. Their products are not just environmentally friendly, they outperform chemical cleaners.

The enzymes in the Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner break down all organic matter including urine, faeces, soap scum and limescale into their basic elements, mainly carbon and hydrogen that integrate with the environment instead of polluting it.

Enzyme Wizard Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner is designed for use on all hard surfaces such toilet bowls, sinks, baths and tiles. Containing no caustic ingredients, surfaces will not be damaged and the surface of toilet bowl will not become pitted. Being soap-free, the product will leave no residue, so no rinsing will be required and the streak free surface will not attract dirt and grime.

Ideal for use with septic tanks as the enzymes assist the natural bacteria in break down waste material.

Concentrated: The 1 litre spray container is ready to use for general bathroom cleaning. The solution in the 5, 10 and 20 litre containers is concentrated and is ready to use as a toilet bowl cleaner.  The product should should be diluted in the ratio of 10:1 into the spray bottle for cost effective general bathroom cleaning.

Safety: contains a moderately natural alkaline surfactant designed to assist the natural plant-based enzymes break down fats, greases and oil.  This results in a pH of 10.4 which is similar to a mild detergent. Gentle for allergies, asthma and skin irritation. Bio-degrades completely and so is totally safe for the environment. The product is designed to discharge down the drain where the enzymes continue to attack built up waste in the pipes.

The enzymes eliminate biofilm (Please click on What is Biofilm? for further information)