JW GripSoft Slicker Brush (Small)


JW GripSoft Slicker Brush (Small) is ideal for daily brushing to remove dead and shedding hair. The slicker brush has a soft, non-slip rubber, ergonomic grip for ease of use and maximum comfort.

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JW Pet company was established in 1998 and is based in New Jersey, USA. An innovator in the pet industry, JW holds over 125 patents for pet focused products. GripSoft grooming products are a key JW brand and feature a unique non-slip, ergonomic grip that provides optimal comfort and control.

The JW GripSoft Slicker Brush small size is ideal for daily brushing to remove dead and shedding hair. The rounded head and 90 degree angled pins run parallel to the skin rather than straight down. This prevents raking that can scratch, or irritate your pet’s skin and helps to provide a more comfortable grooming experience. The metal teeth are in two different lengths to lift shedding hair from the undercoat and loosen lightly matted portions of fur. The slicker is very effective when used on double coated breeds with thick fur.  For best results and to prevent matting, use the GripSoft Slicker Brush daily.


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