KONG Jaxx Braided Tug


Kong Jaxx Braided Tug is designed for tough tugging, and fetch & retrieve games.  The unique, easy grip construction is from tough, durable materials that will be soft on your dog’s mouth.  This toy will stand the test of time.



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From the development of the KONG Classic durable dog toy over forty years ago, (Please click here for details) the Kong brand has evolved to include a large range of innovative toys and accessories for cats and dogs. Kong toys are durable, fun, safe and of superior quality.

Kong Jaxx range is designed for tough tugging and fetch & retrieve games.  The unique construction from tough, durable materials is soft on the mouth and will stand the test of time.  The textures will reward appropriate chewing behaviour and satisfy natural instincts.  The sturdy, braided rope gives flexibility for tugging and fetching fun during interactive play sessions.

The Jaxx Braided Tug has an approximate overall length of 28cms. The handle has a grip opening of 7.5cm and the barrel is approximately 8 x 5.5cm.

It is squeaker-free for quiet play sessions.


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