PRODAC Holiday Food


PRODAC Holiday Food block will feed up to 15 medium sized fish for about 12 days.

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PRODAC is an Italian company and a global leader in the world of aquariums and ponds. By selecting the best raw materials, unique formulae derived by their research and development team and by efficient and cost effective production, PRODAC is able to provide top-quality products at economical prices.

The PRODAC Holiday Food block dissolves slowly in aquarium water to feed fish for about 12 days during your absence.  Suitable for aquariums of up to 100 litres containing up to 15 medium sized fish.



Place the Holiday Food block in the aquarium near to moving water.  As the block dissolves, small portions of food will be released for your fish.

Unused portions of the block should be discarded upon your return.

For best performance, test aquarium pH to ensure a value between 6.8 and 7.2 is maintained.  (Not suitable for high pH water conditions.)


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