Snooza Ultra-Tuff Ortho Retreat


Snooza Ultra-Tuff Ortho Retreat is rain resistant and designed for outdoors.  The exterior is covered with a durable, woven polyester fabric and the generous sleeping area is lined with a soft plush on top of an orthopaedic foam base.  Ideal for supporting elderly pets and dogs with hip, or joint problems.

Please refer to the Dog Bed Guide to choose the correct bed for your dog.

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Snooza Pet Products is a Melbourne based business that began by making their famous Original Dog Bed and Pet Futon over thirty years ago. Since then, the product range has grown considerably to cater for cats and now includes accessories. Snooza products are mainly made in Australia using Australian materials wherever possible.

Snooza Ultra-Tuff Ortho Retreat is rain resistant and designed for outdoors.  Made to last, this bed has a durable, contemporary woven polyester cover with a plush sleeping area. It has a waterproof base Eco-Fresh filled bolsters and double stitched seams.

The generous sleeping area is covered with a soft, deep-pile plush fabric on top of an orthopaedic foam base. The high-density orthopaedic foam is convoluted, allowing the weight of your pet to be dispersed evenly. This makes it ideal for supporting pets with hip, or joint problems and for post surgery convalescence. The low rise entry makes it easy to get on and off and is particularly suited to older dogs that have difficulty getting in and out of regular beds, or baskets.

The bed has a waterproof, non-slip base and zippered, removable covers for easy washing.

Please refer to the Dog Bed Guide to help choose the correct bed for your dog.

Dog Bed Guide

When choosing the correct bed for your dog, you will need to take account of:

1)  the size of your dog and,

2)  how your dog normally sleeps.  Does your dog curl up, or does it sprawl?

For dogs that prefer to curl up to sleep, a soft-walled bed, or donut style may be suitable. Remember that your dog must be able to curl into the internal sleep area of the bed. Please do not take account of the bed’s overall dimensions.  Ideally, measure your dog whilst sleeping to determine the minimum internal bed dimensions required.

For dogs that sprawl when asleep a mattress, or pillow style bed is recommended. The bed should be large enough to support your dog’s head and body whilst sleeping.  Ideally, measure your dog whilst sleeping to gauge the correct sized bed.

Washing Instructions

Cover:  Warm machine wash 40c.  Do not bleach.  Cool tumble dry.  Do not iron.  Do not dry clean.

Foam mattress:  Sponge clean only.  Do not wash.  Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry.


Large/Extra Large:
Overall – Length = 1180mm, Width = 870mm,
Height = 190mm

What is EcoFresh?

Snooza EcoFresh is an odour-resistant, anti-microbial comfort fill made from a blend of soft, high loft fibre made from recycled plastic bottles and zero-waste foam crumb. EcoFresh has a plant-based, odour-resistant and anti-microbial treatment making the fill ideal for pets and pet owners suffing from allergies. EcoFresh fill provides the perfect combination of stability and comfort to enable your pet to nest comfortably. EcoFresh is washable and can be added to Snooza beds with zippered cushions and inners.

EcoFresh is approved by the Sensitive Choice program of the National Asthma Council Australia.

Half kilo refill packs are available on special order.  Please email for price and delivery.


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