Troy PlaqueOff for Dogs

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Troy PlaqueOff for dogs is used in the maintenance of oral hygiene, preventing tartar, gingivitis and bad breath.


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Troy Laboratories is a privately owned, Australian manufacturer of quality, efficacious and affordable veterinary medicine.

Used in conjunction with brushing, Troy PlaqueOff can soften and remove existing tartar build up and prevent new tartar from forming, thereby reducing gum disease and bad breath.

PlaqeOff for Dogs aids in promoting healthy dentition.  It prevents new tartar from forming and can help reduce gingivitis (gum disease) and halitosis (bad breath).

PlaqueOff contains only specially selected seaweed (Ascophylium Nodosum D1070).  This natural formulation does not contain any artificial colours, preservatives, gluten or sugar.  The patented PlaqueOff formula offers a natural way to eliminate bad breath, plaque and tartar that can be associated with oral disease.

Easy to use:  sprinkle PlaqueOff powder on to your dog’s food once daily.  It can be added to wet or dry food and used in conjunction with other dental care methods.

Dosage:  For dogs weighing up to 10kgs – half to one scoop daily.  For dogs 10kgs to 25kgs – one to two scoops.  For dogs over 25kgs – two to three scoops.

It is important not to give PlaqueOff to dogs with known algae hypersensitivities or allergies.  It is important to reduce dosage if gastrointestinal signs occur and to consult your veterinarian for further advice.  For dogs with sensitive stomachs, start with a low dose and increase gradually.

1 review for Troy PlaqueOff for Dogs

  1. 4 out of 5

    Angelique (verified owner)

    It is (maybe not so surprisingly) gritty. Dog doesn’t seem to mind (but he is a cocker spaniel & food is his life so a bit of grit is not going to stop him!).
    I think it will take more than one bottle to really see results (even with the iddity bitty spoon supplied & two scoops per meal).

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