New! Blackdog Cannabics, Vitalitae & Mini Biscuits

MyPetZone is now stocking an exciting new range of dog treats and biscuits by Blackdog. Their whole range is Australian-made, using at least 90% Australian-sourced ingredients. In addition to the mini dog biscuits and Cannabics, we’re also stocking Blackdog’s premium range of superfood biscuits, which are sold under the Vitalitae name.

Introducing Cannabics

Blackdog Cannabics are an exciting and innovative new dog treat containing hemp seed oil and hemp seed protein.⠀

Don’t worry, they don’t contain any THC (the “active” ingredient in cannabis), so you won’t find your doggo wandering around the planetarium listening to Bob Marley.

Vitalitae Superfood Biscuits

Vitalitae is a delicious range of superfood dog treats that contain the amazing benefits of Australian Hemp.

They’re available as either biscuits or jerky, and there’s special formulations for a variety of different medical ailments.

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