PAW Blackmores Gentle Ear Cleaner


PAW Blackmores Gentle Ear Cleaner is a gentle, natural formulation is suitable for dogs and cats.  No harsh chemicals are used.

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By combining Blackmores natural healthcare heritage with veterinary expertise, PAW (Pure Animal Wellbeing) delivers innovative and proven natural healthcare products that you can trust for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

All PAW products are formulated specifically for animals, taking into account their unique health needs and requirements. By drawing on Blackmores expertise in natural ingredients, PAW products are able to provide the best of care for your pet. PAW products contain the finest quality, naturally based ingredients, chosen for their purity and pet friendly compatibility. The PAW range reflects Blackmores ongoing commitment to providing leading, natural healthcare.

PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner is natural, gentle formulation that cleans cat or dog’s ears without irritation.  The formula includes purified hydrolysed oats for mild cleaning.  No alcohol, harsh chemicals, or acids commonly found in other cat or dog ear cleaners are used.  The formulation is easy to apply and need only be used once a week.  It is important to consult your veterinarian concerning any ear problems that your pet may experience.


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