Natural Animal Solutions Calm

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Natural Animal Solutions Calm is a tablet formulation of natural ingredients that will help your pet deal with issues ranging from mild stress and anxiety to chronic and acute stress.


Operating since 2005, Natural Animal Solutions (NAS) is a family owned, Australian pet healthcare business that uses only natural ingredients derived from botanical sources.  NAS works with leaders in the naturopathic manufacturing industry to provide unique ingredients never before available in Australia and based on proven naturopathic methodologies.  NAS’s pet healthcare range expands continuously to provide innovative and effective new formulations and treatment methods that are clinically tested and proven.  Key considerations in product creation include, effectiveness, ease of administration, palatability and cost to the consumer.  NAS carries out ongoing research in conjunction with manufacturers of human medicinal and well-being products.

Natural Animal Solutions Calm is a tablet supplement containing only natural ingredients and formulated to support your pet’s overall balance and wellbeing.  It is ideal for many circumstances such as separation anxiety, fireworks, thunderstorms and other loud noises.  Nervousness and anxiety are two of the most common issues  issues that can cause disrupted sleep and behavioural problems.   Calm will help support your pet during difficult times.


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