Blue Planet Snail Rid


Blue Planet Snail Rid is designed to kill snails in freshwater aquariums. Can also be used to treat new plants for snail freeloaders before introducing them into the aquarium.


Blue Planet Snail Rid has been designed to kill snails in freshwater aquariums. Snails can damage plants and, in the case of extreme infestations, reduce water quality. Blue Planet Snail Rid will kill all snail types, so make sure no ornamental snails are in the water when treated.

Snail Rid can be toxic to fish in soft water conditions. Do not use this product in these conditions without first adjusting the water.

Many species of invasive snails are commonly introduced into aquariums when buying new plants. Washing all new plants in running water before adding them to the aquarium is recommended to prevent re-infestation. Quarantining new plants in a diluted solution of snail rid for 24 hours will ensure that small snails (and their eggs) are not introduced to the tank.


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