Passwell Liquid Gold

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Passwell Liquid Gold is a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement for breeding birds that assists with proper egg-shell formation and bone growth.


Liquid Gold is a Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement that promotes healthy egg formation and chick growth in birds. Calcium deficiency is often seen in birds that are only fed seed, and can result in egg binding and death.

Key Benefits
Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D3 for strong egg shell and bone growth.
Essential minerals magnesium & manganese for egg production.
Contains lutein, a natural egg-yolk anti-oxidant.
Readily absorbable liquid, administered in water, food or orally.


Calcium (Ca2+) 33g/L
Magnesium (Mg2+) 1.6g/L
Manganese (Mn2+) 100mg/L
Vitamin D3 25000iu/L
Lutein 50mg/L


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