VCA Pil-Pop-R


VCA Pil-Pop-R enables you to give essential medication tablets to your pet without difficulty.

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Giving essential medication and treatment tablets to your pet can sometimes be difficult and even traumatic.

Oral medication has never been easier to administer than with the Pil-Pop-R. Simply insert the medication into the tip of the Pil-Pop-R applicator. Gently, tilt your pet’s head backwards and open the mouth. Place the tip of the Pil-Pop-R applicator at the top of your pet’s throat and gently push the plunger to release the medication. Immediately remove the applicator and gently hold your pet’s mouth closed for three seconds to induce swallowing. The soft tip of the Pil-Pop-R applicator will help to prevent any accidental injury to the soft tissue in your pet’s mouth.


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